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windowsill: growing up feels like losing your best friend and then making another one. it feels like your heart is about to burst, like you’re being pulled in half by silent happiness and melancholy.

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Fighting for Women’s Rights.

 Amanda (astudyofwings) & Emily (mercutiyo)

Hi guys! So Emily and I are raising money for NOW, a women’s rights organization. We want each of you that read this to become aware that women inequality is a major issue in the entire world. Below is the reason why we decided to do this, and what this organization is all about


 Even though, it has been years since the protest in 1920 for women’s rights in New York, women are still fighting all over the world for their freedom and proper human rights. The National Organization of Women is a association that wants to empower women all over the world, whether it be in the middle east, where many girls aren’t aloud to leave their home with out a male escort and face many threats and dangers every day; or if its in the middle of the south in the United States where men are paid 30 cents more then the average women.

 Our goal is too raise 200 dollars by May 3rd, these two hundred dollars will be donated to NOW and used to bring awareness to this topic, and used to give housing, food, and supplies to these women in need.

 We believe this is an important topic to raise money for simply because more then half of the population is made up of females, therefore when there is a large gap between the genders – we should know that there is a problem that should be approached.

 Sadly, the government hasn’t done much to stop this large gap, which means we must take it upon ourselves to rise up and fight for equality together.

It would be a huge help, and super fantastic if you could donate and help us reach our goal of $200! Thanks!
Photos taken by: Brigite Reis 
Edited by: Amanda (astudyofwings)
Information written by: Emily (mercutiyo)
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get to know me meme || 1/5 favourite movies: up (2009)

↳ “thanks for the adventure ─ now go have a new one!”

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locations - beast’s castle ♔

So we went over to the Loire Valley in France where the River Loire runs along. […] And there was one chateau that just stood out as stunning. It was the one of Chambord, built by François de Pontbriant. And he designed this castle that just had this imposing power and strength to it. And the truth of that place adds credibility to your drawing in a funny kind of a way. I guess, you know, just to explain to you a little bit about how I think, and when I was a kid, I didn’t do drawings to do a drawing of something. I did a drawing so I could enter into an imaginary world. My paper was like a magic mirror that I could do a drawing, and you just step right through it and suddenly you’re living in the time of the dinosaurs, or you’re living somewhere and you’re experiencing it. And that with that castle, that was really important as a place where I could step into it - Glen Keane [Discovering the Beauty in the Beast.]
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If a memory wiping device was created I would literally just use it to forget about my favourite tv series and movies to watch them all over again.

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The Eiffel Tower partly hidden in the fog on Nov. 15, 2012.

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"You start wondering if they could have used CG and you have to wonder whether they’ll need actors anymore! Dangerous ground!"

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The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English

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